A different project…. faux painting garden statues, August 2014

I took on a different kind of project recently- when I was asked if I could paint, restore two old, large, heavy(!)¬†rather beat up “lion” concrete garden statues. The request was to repair them and then faux paint them with a “weathered stone” appearance. It was interesting and an opportunity to learn something new! Repaired, sanded, primed, underpainted with dark shades of gray spraypaint, and then “drybrushed” white and gray over the surface¬†to pick up texture and give the “weathered” look. Then sealed with clear sealant. These two old boys have a new lease on life and are standing guard now over a beautiful garden on Kiawah Island.Lions before 2 8.8.14


Lions before 3 8.8.14 Lions before 8.8.14 Lions beginning drybrush 8.11.14 Lions drybrush process 8.10.14 Lions finished before sealant 8.12.14 Lions finished with sealant 1 8.13.14 Lions finished with sealant 8.13.14 Lions finished with sealant 8.14.14 Lions spray dark 2 8.10.14 Lions spray dark 8.10.14

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